Renze J. Klamer



Renze is in front of a group someone who communicates without prejudice. He provides you with insights which are so true you cannot ignore them. It gives you the power and the guts to deal with it.

It appears so simple. And so much fun. You are actually providing the picture how to improve. How it has to improve. The objections and the yes-buts are flying around but he brings you back with soft guidance. Back to the essence. There is no escape. You are free to do what you like. If you do the wrong thing, that’s ok. As long as it is your choice.

Renze provides you with the feeling that you are worthy. You are trusted. He stimulates you to loosen up and let go, but also to act up and do. Just do. We will see the results. But it will be effective, it will provide.

And believe me, to Scrum is a commitment.

Sjoerd I. van Oort



Sjoerd is fast. Very fast. Almost beyond reach and sometimes irritating. Irritating because you know he is right. And that irritates. And still he is acting it out in such a way, so loosely and free that you can’t be angry with him. Actually, you laugh with him.

“The world is not feasible” is often yelled by Sjoerd. Imagine that. But it is so true. It is fun to face reality and deal with that in stead of acting in a make-believe world, working on a not so good idea.

At Sjoerd’s lessons you have to admit that you would like to but are not (yet) able to. That is a beautiful start to really change your mindset.

Because agility is not a trick.


Yvo E.M. Kaatman



Yvo advises. He listens. Searches for the deeper elements. It appears as if nothing is happening. But all of a sudden he is there. Always with committed intentions. He is one of these people that is always willing and able to say anything. And is forgiven.

Yvo hates rules and has no respect for imposed regulations. He is intuitive and can be deadly serious, but with an healthy amount of humor and self-mockery. As a self-declared ambassador of trust he has developed an extra antenna to sense the pain in a team. And deal with it.

Yvo works always on the bases of self-organising teams to grow in mutual trust.

It is the base of any relationship within Scrum or not.

Rob J. Serrij



In addition to being an agile scrum coach, Rob is a fanatic sailing instructor. Well, instructor... more like an agile "sail whisperer". Granted, he gives instructions. And if you know Rob even a little bit, you know that this is exactly where his allergy shows up (command & control). But you don't expect his kind of instructions. You'd rather not hear them on his sailboat. And you certainly don't want to follow them because ... they're SCARY! But when you decide to surrender to what he wants, you will experience and understand why he wanted them. Instructions that perfectly fit an agile mindset.

Go sailing once, you'll experience it. In the summer, Bijenco offers its agile training on a sailboat on the water.

It's not in vain that Rob wears the badge "let go of the helm". Something that leads to wonderful insights in a sailboat... and at the office.