Bijenco makes a habit of clever work. It is her wish to make other companies and organisations work clever. The efficiency is within the team – not in working in projects. Give the team room to self-invent creative solutions. In biweekly cycles (sprints) of evaluation moments the customer stays involved and the costs will be reduced. 


We like to work in short delivery times. This causes a faster redirection and adating of the products to newer insights. We encourage it to deliver a product in a short cycle which enables us to improve to make an awesome product in due time. We first consider the value of functionality, than value of beauty of any product.



At Bijenco we are committed to your work. We like it when people experience the power of cooperation. By assembling teams with a variety of specialisms you generate the best from your organization. They will be fully focused and committed work on the features and user stories at hand.